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Hi, I'm Atara.

Writer, teacher, mom, and curious explorer.  

A typewriter

Writer in my case doesn’t just mean copywriter. It also means novelist. And poet


Why should that matter to you? 


A huge chunk of copy is writing the right story to the right people. Knowing how to adapt your voice to a particular audience, how to drum up excitement, and how to tell a story are all key skills I already have in my backpack of tools. 


Metaphors that pack a punch, imagery that shines, and a little alliteration can take a text to the next level. Those are word tricks I’ve practiced in my poetry. 

I teach, so you can count on my patience.


You can also rely on my knowing how to get “buy-in” from someone who doesn’t want to be there but has to be.


Best of all, you can hand me a piece of writing that has only the foggiest notion of what it’s about and I can coax out what your intentions were. Trust me, I can figure out papers that say ‘we whrnt tuo Oland nti wus mch fon’*, so if you’re still a little hazy on the whole copy thing it will be no issue. 


*Real life example. She meant to write “We went to Orlando and it was so much fun.” Did you get? You did?!? You should be a teacher! :P 

An apple
An icon family

Being a mom is one of the greatest privileges in my life. It’s also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And it's definitely helped me to up my copy game. How?


Well, first of all, I’m more efficient than ever. I’ve figured out how to do more in 20 minutes of baby nap-time and it’s has had a spillover effect into other times too. 


New life experiences widen the examples I can reach for and the creativity I bring to my work.


It's made me braver. Because I’ve had to do some tough stuff, I’m more willing to try other new hard things. 

A compass

As a curious explorer my favorite word is wonder. I love that it means to think about and to be fascinated.

Research is the component that separates professional, results-driven copy from its amatuer cousin, “well-written-but-aimed-at-no-one-and-based-on-what-feels-right” words.  I like learning in most forms. That means I enjoy research, so I give it its due time, and you get superb outcomes. 

Plus, didn't you always want to work with a copywriter who knows how to find an answer to even questions like "Why does french bread come with little holes on the bottom?"? Sure you did, because details matter. And knowing where to find the answers, so every detail comes out right is worthwhile.  

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